Tips And Tricks For Remodeling Your Pool

Does your pool need an upgrade? Are you on a budget? Summer will be here before you know it, and Aquanomics Pools is here to help. Having a pool is a great source of enjoyment for many families. As well as being a great leisurely activity having a pool also enhances the resale value of a house. Having an up to date and the functional pool is a necessity for safety and aesthetics. Having a pool is an investment and a few simple remodeling updates can make sure you’re getting the most out of that investment. Here are five signs that your pool needs a makeover and five pool makeover ideas that won’t break the bank.

Tips And Tricks For Remodeling Your Pool

Signs Your Pool Needs A Makeover

1. Your Pool Has a Leak

If your pool is rapidly losing water you might have a leak. You can test this using the bucket method.

2. Mechanical Systems are Aging

Old systems can cause malfunctions in your pool and a newer system could be needed.

3. Safety Features are Needed

Safety features such as safety drain and fences could be added to enhance the safety of the pool.

4. Worn Out Surfaces and fixtures

Aesthetics might need to be updated on an older pool.

Five Pool Makeover Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

1. Changing out Tile

Something as simple as changing tile can completely change the look of the pool.

2. Replastering or Resurfacing

Replastering can help prevent cracks and leakage, and enhance the look of your pool.

3. Swapping in LED Lights

Installing LED lights can be cost and energy-efficient.

4. Adding more Energy Efficient Equipment

Installing an energy-efficient pool pump can help reduce the cost of owning a pool and reduce your carbon footprint

5. Upgrading to an Automation System

An automation system helps take the work out of owning a pool by controlling, chemicals, lights, and filtration systems. This is an investment that makes your life easier and keeps your pool looking fresh.

If you have a larger budget, adding water features such as grottos, slides and more are other great ideas to update and refresh your pool. The more you invested in the aesthetic of your pool the more the value increases. Overall enhance your pool enhances the enjoyment, aesthetic and value of your property.

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