Updating Your Pool For When The Kids Leave

When you originally had the pool installed, the children were small. The biggest concern was making the pool safe for the children, and that dictated your design. Now, they are adults and don’t need so much security. Here are a few ideas for updating your pool to meet your new needs.

Remodeling Your Pool For When The Kids Leave

Change the Depth

Small children generally need a shallow end for them to practice their strokes in. They are better off having an area where they can stand in the water and play with their floaties. Now that everyone who is getting in the pool is over 5 feet tall, it might be a good idea to make the shallow end deeper so that if you would prefer to use the pool for laps or would like to simply hang out in 4 feet of water you can.

Add A Water Feature

Children tend to play with anything, which can make parents a little leery of putting in a feature that uses pumps or levers that the kids could get stuck on. That isn’t a problem once they are adults. They will even have the maturity to appreciate a fountain for its aesthetic appeal and will enjoy it with you. So, would your landscape benefit from a water feature? Now is the time to add it.

Adding A Hot Tub

Everyone loves a good soak in a small tub of hot water. Unfortunately, kids think of it as a place to play and might try to dive into it. Once they have grown older, you can all install a nice hot tub to soak in together.

This change in life opens exciting new opportunities, and one of the most exciting is what you can do with your pool. If your kids are graduating and it’s time for remodeling your pool, contact us. We can give you the pool you always wanted.