How Weekly Pool Maintenance Keeps Your Family Safe

When you installed your pool in your yard, your main concern was your family’s safety. Now that it is in, your family’s safety is still prominent in your mind. Fortunately, hiring a professional to take care of your pool weekly is a great way to get peace of mind. It does this in 3 ways.

How Weekly Pool Maintenance Keeps Your Family Safe

1. Keeps Disease At Bay

Warm water is the breeding ground for bacteria and algae. People who are getting over a cold or intestinal trouble hop in the pool and shed viruses, where can spread to other swimmers. Untreated, still water also entices disease-spreading insects and animals to hang around. The best way to avoid any of these sources of disease is to keep the water in your pool pH balanced, filtered and cleaned. A weekly program administered by a pool maintenance professional is a great way to guarantee that happens.

2. Properly Maintained Equipment Is Safe

Sometimes it is obvious when equipment has become unsafe, but other types of dangers are innocuous-looking. Drain lids that have come loose won’t look dangerous until someone has caught their hair in the drain. Blown lights hide obstructions and dangers. Clogged filters and drains can lead to puddles, which can lead to tripping hazards. A pool professional can recognize the signs and prevent these conditions from ever arising.

3. Well-maintained Things Inspire Careful Behavior

There is something dispiriting about a pool that has been allowed to grow murky and flaky, and it is hard to convince people to respect a pool that you clearly don’t care for. This encourages your family, especially the youngest members, to be cavalier around it. They run around it and leave gates open. They throw things in it that trip people. They roughhouse around it. All of this leads to injuries.

As you can see, pool maintenance is important to your family’s safety. If you want a licensed and insured professional to help you keep your pool safe, contact us. We have an array of programs to make your pool a haven for you.