What Causes Pool Algae and How Can Pool Cleaning Prevent It?

Pool algae is a grouping of living aquatic creatures that can quickly turn your pool into a slimy mess that is quite unsightly. It is a tiny organism that can quickly take over your pool and spread to your entire backyard. Algae causes the water to become cloudy and it can also be difficult to see through the water.

There are many ways to prevent pool algae, such as consistent pool cleaning, and this article will go over some of them.

What Causes Pool Algae and How Can Pool Cleaning Prevent It?

What Causes Pool Algae?

When your pool water is not properly balanced, then algae becomes a problem. The algae actually feeds off of a nutrient called nitrate, which comes from things like bacteria, feces, sweat, and dirt.

If you don’t wash your pool filters, then you will increase the debris in your swimming pool. If there is a lot of debris in your swimming pool, then oxygen won’t be able to get into the water. The oxygen will deplete and the algae will grow even faster. The debris can also keep the chlorine from working properly, causing the pool to become cloudy.

What Should You Do If You Have Pool Algae?

The first step is to check your pool water balance. If the water has too little chlorine, then you will need to increase it. This will eliminate your chance of having pool algae.

Once you have balanced the water, it is time to scrub your pool walls. The algae acts like a carpet for bacteria and other particles, so make sure to clean it. You can use a brush or chemical injectors that are specifically designed to remove algae from your pool.

How to Prevent Pool Algae?

You can prevent pool algae by cleaning your pool filters and the walls. It is also important to balance the water, since pool water that is too acidic or alkaline can cause problems.

You should also install an algaecide into your pool, which contains a compound that kills the algae. This will keep the algae from growing, but you still need to make sure that you scrub the walls.

You should also check to be sure your pool water isn’t cloudy. If you notice that your pool water has cloudiness, then you will need to add some chlorine or chloramines.


Swimming pools are often the center of family gatherings, but they can be cause for concern. Algae can grow in pools if the water is not treated regularly. You can prevent pool algae and keep your pool sparkling clean by using a pool cover and maintaining the pH balance of the water.

The best way to do this is by hiring a professional pool cleaning company like Aquanomics Pools to take care of it. Our company will balance the water, clean the walls, and scrub the pool during regular maintenance. We will also check the condition of your pool filters, test the chemicals in the water, and add any filters, chemicals, and products needed that will make your pool sparkle.

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