Why Have Professionals Clean Your Filters

Cleaning your pool filter is an important part of maintaining your pool, but it can seem daunting sometimes. Fortunately, there are professionals who specialize in filter cleaning. There are three reasons that you might want to hire one to clean your filters.

Why Have Professionals Clean Your Filters


Someone who is paid to do something is motivated to prove that they are worth the price. It is also the only thing that they are thinking of doing right then. Consequently, pool professionals give your filter the deep cleaning that it needs to operate at maximum efficiency.


There are many types of pool filters. There are DE filters, sand filters, and cartridge filters. Each type of filter requires its own set of techniques and tools. Each has its own pitfalls too. For instance, a cartridge filter gets its name from the fabric cartridges that catch debris. These cartridges can be ripped if someone doesn’t clean them correctly. Likewise, DE filters have Diatomaceous Earth in them and have to be treated carefully to keep the DE working. A professional will know the right way to clean your type of filter.

Automatic Scheduling

The  most compelling reason to have a professional come in to clean your filter is that they will schedule a regular time to do it. This crucial piece of pool maintenance will not be left to the vagaries of your schedule and your memory. Pool filters generally need cleaning once every four months, though it depends on the type you have- some only need to be cleaned once a year. With cleanings so far apart, it is easy to forget when you last did it and how. A professional will have it on their calendar and will arrive without your thinking of it.

If you want to take pool filter cleaning off your plate by hiring a pool professional to do it, check out Aquanomics Pools. We have years of experience and pride ourselves on our special pool filter cleaning services.