Why Invest in Weekly Pool Service?

An in-ground pool is an investment you want to protect. Without proper care and regular maintenance, your pool can go from being a fun outdoor perk to being a smelly, expensive mess. Regular pool service will help keep the pH of your pool’s water healthy, will manage the filters and keep them free of debris, and will help you get the most out of your pool. Weekly service is best; discover why you should invest in weekly care for your in-ground pool.

Why Invest in Weekly Pool Service?

Save on pool repairs

Pool repairs are costly. From repairing broken and clogged filters to fixing pumps and draining/cleaning issues, your pool’s maintenance needs will add up without regular professional attention. What you spend on weekly pool service by a licensed contractor will help you save on common future repairs and help you keep your pool in its best condition, longer.

You save time

It takes time to vacuum your pool free of leaves and other debris, wipe off mold and mildew from the insides of your pool, and test the water’s pH — with or without regular pool servicing, you should check the pH levels a few times a day.

Neglect of your pool will only make regular servicing more time-consuming. While you still need to check your pool often and keep the filtration system clean, regular weekly service, which can include cleaning and other maintenance needs, will keep your pool care time lower.

You protect your warranty

Is your pool recently installed or still under warranty? The investment you made in your original pool installation is worth protecting the pool’s warranty, which can only be done by having your in-ground pool regularly inspected and cared for. When you have your pool serviced on a weekly basis, you keep the warranty in check and as a bonus, you’ll be able to discover minor issues with your pool that can be fixed under warranty or be lower in cost out of pocket.

Your pool can last a long time and offer years of safe enjoyment with the right professional care; contact us for all your in-ground pool needs today. At Aquanomics Pools, we offer a variety of quality services you can trust.