Why Weekly Pool Maintenance Is Essential

If you have a pool, then you know just how important it is to keep your pool as clean as possible at all times. However, this can often be very difficult if the job is left up to you. Thankfully, there are professionals out there who can take care of this for you. When it comes to determining what kind of cleaning plan you would like, one question to ask yourself is how often you’d like the pool cleaning service to come. One great option is to have a weekly pool maintenance plan. Here’s why.

Why Weekly Pool Maintenance Is Essential

You Can Choose Between A Full Or Partial Cleaning 

When you hire a pool service to clean your pool on a weekly basis, you can choose between a full or a partial cleaning. This is excellent for many pool owners because they may not need a full cleaning each week, but they still need someone to come skim leaves and/or vacuum their pool. They may also only need some chemical treatment done one week, instead of the regular cleaning. On the other hand, if full cleaning and maintenance is what you need each week, you can get it. In any case, this flexibility allows you to get the level of pool service that you need each time.

Filters Are Always Clean And Functioning Properly 

It is so important that the filters in your pool are functioning as they should. In order for them to do this, they must be checked and replaced on a regular basis. However, this is something that is very easy to forget when there are so many other things that need to be done to care for your pool. Thankfully, when you hire a pool service to do weekly cleanings for you, they will check the filter each week and ensure that it is replaced as soon as it needs to be.

Preventative Maintenance Is Performed 

A lot of the time, if you are the one in charge of your pool maintenance and cleaning, you often don’t notice that there is a problem until something has broken. At this point, the cost to repair it is likely high and the process can be very frustrating. When you choose to hire a pool service to come on a weekly basis instead, they perform a great deal of preventative maintenance. This includes things like checking the pumps to make sure they are performing properly, skimming off leaves and other debris that could cause clogs, vacuuming the bottom of the pool to avoid damage to your pool’s liner, etc. All of these things extend the life of your pool and reduce the need for costly repairs.

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