4 Common Signs of a Leaking Pool

Taking care of your pool can be challenging. It would be best if you kept a close eye on it to ensure it remains clean and in good condition. However, the pool can start leaking for various reasons, especially when you do not practice proper maintenance. Here are signs of a leaking pool.

4 Common Signs of a Leaking Pool

1. Decreased Water Level
When a pool starts leaking, the water level drops. However, a change in water level does not necessarily mean that your pool is leaking, because a pool can lose water through evaporation.

To determine the reason for water reduction in your pool, check the average evaporation rate within your area. If the temperatures do not affect water loss in the pool, then there is a high chance that your pool is leaking.

2. Cracked or Falling Tiles
A pool with a leak brings out excess water, causing the tiles to crack, loosen and fall off. Check for gaps and cracks in the tiles. If you see any, it might mean your pool has leaks. Delayed repairs can cause the water to seep further outward and cause more damage to your pool and yard.

3. High Water Bills
If you’re getting higher water bills than the usual costs, then your pool might be leaking. Setting your pool on automatic filling may be hard to know if your pool is leaking. However, if you notice that the device starts more frequently than expected, it could be a sign that your pool is leaking. You will start experiencing an increase in water bills, and this may increase as the leaks increase.

4. Wet Areas around the Pool 
Water spots around your pool and in your yard might be a sign that your pool has leaks. Also, check for muddy patches or wet and uneven grass around the pool. You may also notice that the landscaping around your pool will start shifting and sinking after some time because the water erodes the soil and weakens the landscape.

The Bottom Line 
If you notice any of the above signs, get in touch with your pool contractor to help you repair the damage. No matter the kind of pool service you need, we’ve got you covered. Contact Aquanomics Pools today for all your pool-related needs.