Have Chlorine Sensitivity? Do These Things to Minimize Exposure

If you can’t seem to enjoy a swim without experiencing redness, itching, or breathing difficulties, you may have chlorine sensitivity. That doesn’t mean you must forego swimming altogether, as there are plenty of ways to minimize chlorine exposure and avoid its side effects.

Have Chlorine Sensitivity? Do These Things to Minimize Exposure

#1. Shower before Entering

Chlorine reactions often occur when the disinfectant reacts with organic matter such as skin oil or sweat. This produces chloramine, a common irritant. Chloramine is less likely to form if you remove organic matter from your skin before entering the pool.

#2. Choose your Disinfectant Carefully

All swimming pools require some form of disinfectant, with chlorine being the most popular type. Even so, salt-based systems contain lower amounts of chlorine than traditional pools. Switching to a UV filtration system will allow you to skip chlorine altogether.

#3. Avoid Indoor Swimming Pools Whenever Possible

You have probably noticed a heavy chlorine smell near an indoor pool. That’s because indoor pools rarely have good ventilation, meaning that chlorine becomes trapped in the air. Outdoor pools have higher evaporation rates, making it less likely a chlorine odor will irritate your eyes and nose.

#4. Slather on some Natural Oils or Lotion

Natural oils and lotions provide a protective barrier for your skin. Coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, or cocoa butter can all be slathered directly on the skin just before bathing to help reduce exposure; lotions made from a combination of those ingredients will work as well. Avoid commercial lotions and sunscreens, which contain synthetic parabens and other ingredients that can be just as harmful as chlorine.

These things will help you minimize chlorine sensitivity during your swim, and are highly recommended for children and those with allergies or skin disorders. Now that you are able to enjoy your pool more, please contact us when you require maintenance, repairs, or upgrades.