How to Maintain Plaster Pools

One of the most enjoyable additions that you can make to a home is a nice outdoor pool. A pool can be something that you can enjoy throughout the warmest months of the year and can be great for entertaining. While a pool is a lot of fun, it also requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking great. For those with plaster pools, there are several different types of maintenance that needs to be done to make sure they continue to remain in good condition and look great for years to come.

How to Maintain Plaster Pools

Acid Wash

One of the most important types of maintenance for pool is to have it acid washed every few years. Over time, bacteria will grow on the plaster walls of the pool. While proper levels of chlorine and other chemicals can help to reduce this, it will develop at some level. To have this cleaned off, the best thing that you could do would be to have an acid washed by a professional. This will also ensure that your plaster remains protected as a professional will be experienced in both cleaning and protecting the walls.

Keep Filters Clean

It is also very important that you have your filters of your pool properly cleaned on a regular basis. Keeping filters clean and healthy will make them last a very long period of time. While you should skim your pool on a daily basis, you should also check the filters to make sure no debris got caught in them. The filters should also be replaced at least once per year.

Annual Service

Before the start of any pool season, you should always have an annual service completed.  The service will be able to check all of the most important parts of the pool including the pool pump, the heater, filters, and other major components.  If there are any concerns, the pool maintenance company will be able to repair the issues to make sure your pool is ready for the hot weather.

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