Tips for Summer Pool Care and Upkeep

Keeping your pool area safe this summer is easy if you follow these simple tips. Here are five things every pool owner should know and do:

Tips for Summer Pool Care and Upkeep

Verify That Everything Functions

Ensure that the pump and filter systems are working properly before moving on. Look for any breaks in the strainer basket that might allow material to enter the pool. Replace any burned-out bulbs in the pool lights next. The pumps, drain covers, pool covers, brushes, vacuums, leaf scoops, and skimmers may need to be updated or replaced.

Verify The Chemistry Levels.

PH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels are the three most important indicators of water chemistry. Invest in a water testing kit to monitor your pool’s chemistry. If you know how to balance acidity and alkalinity in your water, you can add the optimal quantity of chlorine.

Proper Water Level

The water level often drops throughout the day because of the high temperatures. This is because of the effects of evaporation, and not somebody draining your water levels during the night. If you want to ensure the pool is level, maintain it a few inches above the mesh that acts as the water inlet. Use a garden hose to replenish the reservoir every time the water runs low.

Maintenance and Safety of Your Deck

Keep the environment surrounding the pool clean and safe just as much as you keep the pool itself clean and safe. Scrub and mop the area to eliminate any remaining dirt or debris. Keeping the pool clean and reducing the risk of tripping and sliding are also benefits of this.

Shock the Pool

Your pool water may benefit from adding an oxidizing chemical or mixture of oxidizing chemicals. To maintain a clean appearance, repeat this procedure every few weeks.

Consult with the Professionals

If you are worried about your pool’s cleanliness, functioning, or safety this Summer, call Aquanomics Pools. We can assist you in figuring out how to deal with ambiguous situations. As soon as you can, please contact us. We would be delighted to work with you.