Terms of Service

Once a customer, a specific day of the week will be scheduled for the pool to be maintained. This could change depending on weather, scheduling changes, and Holidays.

Filter Cleaning Schedule- We clean all of our customers filter’s that are on service with us, excluding sand filters. The filter will need to be cleaned on an every 3-4 month rotation. This allows us to stand by our algae free guarantee. If a customer refuses a filter clean the account could be placed on hold and the algae free guarantee void.

Billing Schedule- We charge our customers on a monthly basis for weekly service. The monthly bill is due at the first of the month for that month via CC or Debit. Repairs are due on the day the work is done. No exceptions.

Partial & Premium Services- There is not a minimum time requirement for Partial service. The minimum time requirement for Premium Service is 30 minutes, but may take up to an hour. After an hour has past, we will need to contract for more time or make it up on the next week.

Pool Access- On days of service, please make sure the pool is accessible for the technician. If the technician goes to a locked property on a regular day of service we will still bill for that week. The technician is paid per pool visit and will have to make up the chemicals, cleaning, and time the following week.

Winter Months- Depending on weather during the winter we may or may not be able to turn off all equipment. The coldness could cause problems for the equipment if turned off and back on, so the pumps/motors would need to stay running to try to prevent freeze damage.

Bad Weather-On days with heavy rain and/or lightening is present we do chemicals and empty baskets only. We will make up the cleaning the following week.

Pets- Depending on the comfort level between the pets and employee’s we have the right to ask that animals be put up for safety reasons. If the pet doesn’t disturb the cleaning and the technician is comfortable with the setting, then we will allow it.

Algae Free Guarantee- It is very important your pool has the right filtration and circulation. The filter needs to be cleaned on a 3-4 rotation and the lines must be clear from debris. We ask our customers to run their equipment 5-6 hours during the winter months and 10-12 hours during the summer months. If the equipment is not ran properly or has poor circulation or filtration the Algae Free Guarantee can be voided.

Water Levels- We don’t maintain the water level each week. In the summer months the water can evaporate 2-4 inches per week. As a customer, make sure the water level is maintained. If you’re not able to do this on an ongoing basis, there’s auto refill’s that can be bought to do this for you.

Quotes and Services- Quotes for weekly service are subject to change depending on usage and other factors that can come into play. We will give notice if there’s any changes that need to be made regarding your account. We have the right to refuse service. Repair quotes are good for 30 days, then are subject to change.

Holidays- We are closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years.

Service Calls for Repairs- If a problem is seen at the pool, we will contact you to set up a service call with our licensed mechanic to diagnose. The service call fee will be put toward the repair total if approved.