3 Signs There’s Something Wrong With Your Pool Filter

When you have an inground swimming pool, it’s important that you keep it clean. If not, it’s no better than a bathtub full of disease and pests. That’s why we use a pool filter, but how do we cope when a filter isn’t doing the job? More importantly, how can we tell it’s not doing the job? Here are three signs there’s something wrong with your pool filter so you can know when things might not be as clean as they look.

3 Signs There's Something Wrong With Your Pool Filter

1. Strange Noises

Most pool filters will naturally make some small amount of noise, usually as a hum or buzz. However, pool filters that are crunching, grinding, or otherwise sound off or loud are likely not working as intended. This could be as simple as a clog to as serious as a faulty motor.

2. Still Water

Pool filtration involves movement of water. To put it simply, if the water is still, there’s not a lot of filtration going on. While you shouldn’t expect to grab a surfboard and catch some waves, a natural amount of ebb and flow to your pool should be expected as water is sucked into the filter and spat back out.

3. Dingy Water

Probably the easiest way to tell there’s a problem is to check the condition of the water itself. Dirty water that’s discolored, smelly, filled with garbage, or anything else that makes your skin crawl to think about are all good signs that your filter isn’t filtering as it should.

A clean pool is a happy family, so make sure your pool filter stays working as it should by keeping an eye out for these three signs it might be busted. If you think there’s something wrong with your pool filter contact Aquanomics Pools to come take a look. We can do all sorts of things from filter replacements and repair to pool cleaning, remodeling, and tons more.