3 Tips for a Successful and Stunning Pool Remodel

A pool can really pull a space together, offering hours of fun during warm weather and making for a conversation piece built right into your yard. However, there can come a time when your pool needs some sprucing up. Whether it’s age, damage, or just a desire to see things look a bit more modern and trendy, remodeling your pool can be a great decision. Execution is key, so here are three tips for a successful and stunning pool remodel.

3 Tips for a Successful and Stunning Pool Remodel

1. Detailed Plans

Winging it rarely works in anything, let alone major remodeling efforts. Having a robust and detailed plan for what you want done before you do it helps to streamline production and gives you a clear picture of your finished pool during the construction. Fumbling around trying to figure out which of the several tiles you bought should go where isn’t a good look and will no doubt make your resulting pool look even worse, so make sure there’s a plan to start things off.

2. Realistic Budget

It might be fun to dream about the most amazing and extravagant pool imaginable, but the fact is things cost money. As a result, you’ll want to really nail down how much you’re willing to pay for a remodel before you dive into the work. Obviously, you should be doing this alongside or just after planning as what you can afford to do will affect what the plan ends up being. More than anything, keep things in perspective and plan for things to go wrong (meaning you’ll have to pay some more than you thought).

3. Reliable Contractors

Unless you plan to do all the work yourself, having a reliable contractor on your side for your remodel is essential. It’s not wise to gamble with such a hefty investment, making it necessary to carefully review and vet any potential people you hire on to work with your pool. Check previous client experiences, look at pictures of their work, check to see how much they charge or get a direct quote, and anything else you might need to feel certain with your decision. With how big of a commitment a pool is, you can’t afford to be unsure.

A stunning pool remodel job is a lot of work. That’s why you should use these three tips to help make things a bit easier. To help even further, contact Aquanomics Pools for resources on pool remodeling, cleaning, and more.