3 Tips on Acid Washing Your Pool

When your pool gets dirty, it’s time for a cleaning. But what happens when it’s dirty in a way that simple soap and water can’t fix? Ground in dirt, chemical stains, sediment deposits, and any number of other blemishes can’t be tackled through traditional means. In these situations, you’ll have to acid wash. 3 Tips on Acid Washing Your Pool

3 Tips on Acid Washing Your Pool

While it might sound scary, giving your pool an acid wash is something people do all the time. It’s simply using an acid to strip away the topmost layer of material from a pool, the material in question being all the scum and gunk that’s built up after so much use. If it’s about time for you to do this, here are three tips on acid washing your pool.

1. Using the Right Acid

All acids are not created equal. Simply taking a trip down to the store and getting whatever the first acidic compound you see could easily lead to a disaster. To give you an idea on what to look for, muriatic acid (more generally called hydrochloric acid) is the choice for many pool cleaners. Acid this strong can easily injure you if you come in contact with it, though, making it a good reminder to wear your safety gear whenever you clean the pool.

2. Draining Thoroughly

In order to wash the pool, you need to ensure that there isn’t still standing water or debris inside of it. You might think it’s clever to leave a bunch of leaves or garbage inside with the intent that the acid will dissolve it, but this will just cause a lot of problems. Do the right thing and ensure there’s nothing left behind before you get to work.

3. Neutralize When Done

You can’t just leave the remains of your acid behind when you’re done cleaning. Not only will this damage your pool’s foundation, it poses a major safety hazard for anyone going for a swim. The general rule is to use two pounds of a base (soda ash for this application) for one gallon of acid in your cleaning solution. Dispose of it responsibly, too, as letting this runoff go down the drain poses a lot of ecological dangers.

When it comes time to acid wash your pool, remember these three tips for a safe and successful scrubbing. If you need some help or want to see the professionals in action, contact Aquanomics Pools today for this and all your other pool maintenance needs.