Acid Washing and Why It Should Be Done by a Pool Professional

A pool that looks murky can be unattractive and worrying. It is also unsafe health-wise, as swimming in it can lead to red eyes, itchy skin, ENT (eye, ear, and nose) infections, and even diarrhea. Therefore, when you notice a green or black unusual color in your pool, it is essential to have a pool professional team acid wash it.

Acid Washing and Why It Should Be Done by a Professional

 What Is Acid Washing?

Acid washing of a pool is cleaning debris and stains using a mixture of water and hydrochloric acid. It involves removing a layer of the surface with dirt stains, algae, and minerals, e.g., chlorine, which would be difficult when using any other way. The result is a clean-looking and safe pool to swim in.

Why Acid Washing Should Be Done by a Professional

If you are not a professional, it can be easy to get hurt by the harsh chemicals used when acid washing a pool. Failure to wear all the required protective gear can result in burns on the skin and lung damage if you inhale the chemicals.

A professional pool maintenance team will know how to spread the chemicals evenly to prevent erosion of gulleys in the plaster. They will also wash away all the acid after achieving desired results to avoid discoloration and damage to the plaster.

A professional knows the wastewater laws and will remove hydrostatic water valve covers when draining the pool. They will also fill in the water and ensure that chemicals are balanced to leave the pool safe for you and your family.

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