Why Your Pool Filter Needs Attention After a Heavy Storm

If you own an outdoor pool and your area just experienced a heavy rainstorm then you may want to consider scheduling a professional pool filter cleaning. When debris and other environmental particles are in your pool they can cause major concerns. One area of concern is the affect the storm had on the pool’s filter. The following are reasons why your pool filter needs attention after a heavy storm.

Why Your Pool Filters Need Attention After a Heavy Storm

Uninvited Swimming Guests

When heavy rainfall is present, it’s likely that your property will see an increase in a number of critters that were seeking shelter or enjoying the influx of insects that can come with rain. Frogs and other critters may have gotten into your pool by accident. By having the filters checked and  cleaned it will guarantee all insects and other unwanted critters have been removed.

Unwanted Environmental Debris

With a heavy storm comes a lot of wind, blowing branches, leaves, and shrubs into your pool. This makes for a dirty and grimy pool no one feels comfortable swimming in. The debris can often clog a pool filter and prevent it from working at its potential. After a thorough pool filter cleaning, all debris is removed and your pool filter is back in optimal service.

Health Risk

When your pool filters are left untouched they no longer work at optimal level. Pool filters do just that they filter out the dirty water. When swimming in a dirty pool you are exposing your body and lungs to toxins that could have been prevented.

Get Back To Enjoying Your Pool

Now that the storm is passed schedule your pool filter cleaning as soon as you can.  After it’s cleaned you can enjoy swimming in it again. Also, remember that keeping the filter clean on a regular basis will help to prolong the life of the internals. If you are looking for a professional pool filter cleaning contact us today. We are more than happy to help!