Calcium Deposits: Calcium Carbonate vs. Calcium Phosphate

Aquanomics Pools is a family owned pool and spa repair business, offering a wide range of resources for your natatorium needs! We pride ourselves on delivering safe and proper care for swimming pools and spas, including maintaining up-to-date certifications and licensure for a Pool-Spa Operator through the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Our trained technicians diagnose any mechanical issues, such as clogged filters or pumps … Read more

Pool Remodeling Idea: Adding A Sun Shelf

If you’ve been thinking about reaching out to a pool designing specialist for help transforming your pool, the time has never been better. But what if you want something for more than just swimming? That’s when you need to think about adding features to a sun shelf. These flat, shelf-like surfaces sit just under the … Read more

Why Choose a Plaster Finish for Your Pool?

Plaster is one of the most common and least expensive finishes available to homeowners today. It’s generally applied over a concrete shell and can be dyed a variety of colors to match with the surrounding design. While white is still the most common plaster color, other colors can be used to help the design flow … Read more

Summer Filter Cleaning

Cleaning the filter is very important during this time of year. Good circulation is a must or algae can start to grow in your pool – even with the chemicals balanced. If you notice the water pressure from the jets trickling, that’s a good indication that the filter needs to be cleaned. Also, take a … Read more

Six Benefits of Hiring A Pool Cleaning Service

Save time and hassle by hiring a pool cleaning service to clean your pool. Here are more benefits of using a pool cleaning company: Confidence: It’s nice to know your pool is getting cleaned properly. You likely don’t have the insight to know what a thorough and proper pool cleaning looks like. It involves more than … Read more

Hosting a Pool Party in Your Backyard This Summer?

Whether you are celebrating one of your children’s graduations or are simply hosting a pool party with friends and family, your backyard can be the perfect setting—but some precautions need to be taken into consideration before anybody takes a dip in your swimming pool. While you may have skimmed out any leaves and debris from … Read more

5 Pool Cleaning Tricks

Whether by a professional or yourself, your pool requires regular and thorough pool cleaning and maintenance. However, the biggest mistake that you can make when it comes to your pool is forgoing cleaning and maintenance altogether. To ensure that your pool remains clean and beautiful all year, here are five unusual cleaning tips that you might not … Read more