Infinity Edge Pool Safety

Infinity edge pools are a popular feature of upscale properties. They fool the eye with the illusion the edge of the pool drops off like a waterfall. They are popular in rooftop or hillside locations where they take advantage of a beautiful view. Infinity edge pools give you the opportunity to enjoy feeling like part of the surrounding landscape.

Infinity Edge Pool Safety

A Trick of the Eye

Because of the way this visual trick fools the eye, people wonder whether infinity pools are safe. In fact they are quite safe. Swim to the infinity edge of the pool and you will see the water flows over the side and into a catch basin just below the side of the pool. Instead of flowing off a steep drop, the water flows into a second, slightly lower level where the water is channeled back into the main pool.

There is no danger of floating over the edge of an infinity pool, but all pools need safety features. Relaxing with the family or enjoying special events on the deck, safety is always key, especially when you will be enjoying your time outdoors with children or pets. Fencing installed for safety is also a design element of your home’s outdoor space.

Can You Fence An Infinity Pool?

Infinity pools present a particular challenge when it comes to fencing. How do you preserve the illusion of the waterfall edge without disrupting the view? Depending on the location, you might place a fence around the entire pool area. Set back from the pool itself, this type of fence creates an enclosure around the deck and poolside seating area. On a site where the infinity edge faces out over a hillside, a fence could be installed on three sides of the pool. Each site is different, with unique challenges .  Aquanomics Pools  can help find the solution that’s best for you.