Money-Saving Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

Owning a swimming pool is excellent, especially during the warmer seasons. Sadly though, there is just no other way to say it, but the truth is swimming pool upkeep and maintaining your pool is quite expensive. With the current economic status, everyone is looking to save that extra coin-including the swimming pool owner. Fortunately, there are several ways pool owners could apply to cut down on swimming pool expenditure.

Money-Saving Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

Use Variable- Speed Pool Pumps

Generally, pumps consume a lot of electricity costs. Using variable speed pumps in comparison to the traditional single speed pumps and dual-speed pumps can reduce your electricity bill by a substantial percentage. Variable speed pumps come with more efficient motors enabling you to optimize the speed as per your pool needs.

Maintain Chemical Balance

It would be best if you gauged the levels of your water pH, residual chlorine, calcium hardness, dissolved solids, alkalinity, and cyanuric acid. That is because regular maintenance of the pool water chemical balance can lead to huge savings and time in the long run. The routine maintenance reduces the number of chemicals required as well as the amount of work needed in maintaining swimming pool water.

Use a Solar Cover for the Pool Heater

Solar covers or blankets play a significant role in the maintenance of the pool’s heat and also keep out the debris. They also attract heat straight from the sun, which is used for pool maintenance. For those who use the solar blankets at night, this goes a long way to help heat from escaping from the pool.

Correctly Store Your Vacuum Head

When storing your vacuum head, make sure it is upside down and away from the sun. Also, ensure that it is away from any chlorine, especially during winter. That will increase the lifespan of your vacuum, which can be costly to replace.

With the tips above, you will undoubtedly save some pocket change and keep your pool in top-notch shape. Contact us For more information.