Travertine: The Best Pool Coping Option

Your pool needs a well defined profile edge to complete its beauty. Your swimming pool probably has an outline of maybe brick or tile, but have you heard of Travertine as a pool coping material? Here is all you need to know about it and why you should get it installed around your pool.

Travertine: The Best Pool Coping Option

What is Pool Coping?

Pool coping is the substance that encircles a pool’s edge, usually with a slight overhang. Pool coping is commonly installed to complete the beauty of a pool. It also serves as a safety measure for pool users as it provides feet grip.

Why You Should Cope Your Pool

It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Pool coping gives pools a lovely, polished appearance. It also gives your pool character and personality.


In spots where people might join the pool, coping is especially crucial for safety. The additional traction can save your life because wet surfaces are quite slippery.

Stops Pool Damage

A minor fissure in a pool’s top could develop into a much larger crack that destroys the entire pool. Securing the top, which is the most exposed section, greatly reduces the likelihood of this taking place.

Travertine Pool Coping

A natural material for pool coping is a kind of limestone called travertine. Given that it is sturdy and long-lasting, travertine has been discovered to be a great substance for use in artificial swimming pools. It is a great option for locations with hot water or a lot of UV radiation because it is also stable in water. Your pool’s beauty can be greatly enhanced by installing travertine pool coping.

What Sets Travertine Apart from Other Coping Materials?

Pools made of travertine are among the most exquisite and distinctive elements of many residential settings. In addition, only travertine pools can withstand oxidation and deterioration. This is due to the fact that travertine has significant quantities of silica, which helps shield the stone against chemical and ultraviolet ray deterioration. For places that experience high temperatures, travertine pools are an excellent option because they can survive for many years without any maintenance or restoration.

Advantages of Travertine Coping

  • It has a natural color and unique surface texture
  • The surface does not skid, therefore averting pool slip accidents
  • It does not absorb heat, meaning you can walk barefoot around the pool
  • It’s highly resistant to oxidation
  • Very durable and will last for many years

Is Travertine Coping Worth Your Money?

Because of its special characteristics, travertine makes a fantastic material for pool coping. Accidents are prevented by its non-slip surface, which is also strong enough to withstand the elements. Additionally, using this material to complete coping is not too expensive.

Travertine pool coping is a great addition around your pool. If you are looking to add it, look no further than Aquanomics Pools. When it comes to pool and deck repairs and remodeling, we are your number one company (contact us). Contact us today to get a free quote.