When To Acid Wash Your In-Ground Pool

When To Acid Wash Your In-Ground PoolIf you’ve noticed your pool water becoming murky or developing a greenish hue, it’s time for an acid wash. This type of maintenance technique is good to do once every few years or so to keep your pool looking bright and inviting.

Acid washing your pool is exactly how it sounds; cleaning the walls of your pool with a diluted acid. In this case, the acid is often muratic acid. It is diluted in a 1:1 ratio with water, and then applied to the walls. The idea is that the acid will strip away a thin layer of the plaster, revealing bright and new plaster below. Because of this, it is recommended to only acid wash your pool every few years.

An acid wash is the cure to murky or algae infested pools. If the pool went a long time without maintenance, the walls may be irreparably stained and require an acid wash to remedy. Similarly, if the pool was not winterized properly algae and other contaminants may make their home on the walls of the pool. Algae have a habit of making their home deep within the plaster of the pools where even after a vigorous scrubbing it can continue to bloom. An acid wash will eliminate this issue.

Though it is possible to perform an acid wash at home, it is not recommended. Irreparable damage can be done to the walls and floor of your pool if the wash is allowed to build up and sit for too long. Plus, the acid itself is highly corrosive and dangerous. Performing this at home would require a full protective suit and other special equipment. It’s for these reasons when you suspect it’s time your pool got an acid wash treatment, you should call a professional.

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