3 Overlooked Areas of Pool Cleaning

We all want a pool that’s clean. Clean pools look better and, more importantly, keep you safe from any number of water-borne ailments they would otherwise carry. While fishing things out of the water is simple enough, many people overlook several key aspects of a clean pool. Here are three of these areas that you’ve probably not considered cleaning before.

3 Overlooked Areas of Pool Cleaning

1. Filter

It seems pretty obvious, right? If the filter is taking in all the bad stuff floating in the water, it stands to reason it would get pretty dirty. And yet many people don’t even think about cleaning the filter area of the pool even after something really nasty gets sucked through. Not only will this make your pool cleaner, cleaning the filter allows it to do its job that much better.

2. Under the Rim

This doesn’t apply to all pools, but inground pools that have a small lip or rim over the water definitely needs a thorough scrubbing under that area from time to time. Just like the overhang on a counter, the rim of a pool can catch some pretty gross stuff. This is all the more true given the pool’s rim is in constant contact with water, washing anything that might be floating in that water against it.

3. Ladder

If your pool has a ladder, you’re going to need to clean it. It’s easy to overlook this area of the pool even with how obvious it should be. Not cleaning the ladder comes with the same risks as not cleaning other areas but with the added safety hazard of its need for human use. Being touched by people all the time puts it in direct contact with oils and other contaminants from human skin, making it easier to build up grime that you’ll need to scrub off.

Pool cleaning is a necessary task for anyone with the privilege of owning an inground pool. If you’re cleaning it yourself, remember these often overlooked areas to keep your water crystal clear. If you’d like to enlist some help in cleaning, repairing, remodeling or otherwise servicing your pool, check out Aquanomics Pools today.