Follow These Ideas for a Functional and Beautiful Pool Remodel

Thinking of remodeling your pool? You don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional rectangular white pools when there are myriad shapes, sizes, and accessories you can opt for. The modern trends offer an exciting and refreshing experience that transforms the pool into your favorite place in your home.  Here are some of the pool remodel trends and ideas you can try out.

Follow These Ideas for a Functional and Beautiful Pool Remodel

Dark Interiors

Unlike in the past when designers used few standard colors for interior finishes, they’re currently trying to create a more custom look through experimenting with different finishes.

Swimming pools with French grey or black color create a more intimate mood and modern vibe. The darker finish makes your pool have a cutting-edge appearance, hence transforming the surrounding into a serene lagoon. The dark color reflects your pool’s environment to create a mirror-like effect.

The dark surfaces can also lower your pool’s heating costs by absorbing and retaining heat. Again, the minor dirt and debris won’t be easily visible making your pool appear clean at all times.

Automated Pool Cover

A pool cover creates a barrier over your pool to protect pets and children from accidentally falling and drowning inside. It also blocks debris from entering your pool. Things get more convenient if you have an automated pool cover which you can control at a push-button convenience.

These covers are made of heavy vinyl, works better than a solar cover, and will help heat your pool. The cover reduces evaporation by preventing heat from dissipating into the air, thus keeping heating costs down. They are also strong and cover your pool firmly; therefore, a barbed-wire fence will be unnecessary.

An automated pool cover not only enhances the safety of the pool but also keeps energy costs low. It also increases convenience as you don’t have to manually cover and uncover the pool as is the case with conventional covers.

Single Depth Pools

These pools never get shallower or deeper as you move inside them. They are often shallow, narrow, and rectangular, which is perfect for playing pool sports, especially for fitness purposes. They are gaining popularity due to an increase in the need to exercise through swimming.

The sleek and smooth style matches with several modern architectural designs while the shallow uniform depth makes it ideal for the elderly, children, or anyone uncomfortable in deeper water.

Ready to Install a New Pool in Your Home?

Not every installer can construct the pool you desire. An expert in modern trends will ensure your pool is renovated without defects that would cost you in repairs.

At Aquanomics Pools, we can remodel your pool according to your chosen design and specifications. Contact us today for a consultation!