Schedule Acid Washing and Maintenance

Spring and Summer are behind us so why not use the remaining weeks to get your outdoor living space into shape? We’d recommend starting with one key feature, the swimming pool. It’s an excellent time to have it drained and acid washed. Why acid washing?

Schedule Acid Washing and Maintenance

Simply put, it will literally wash away any stains from this past summer and even last year. Accordingly, the pool will look gorgeous again. Plus, acid washing services include re-balancing and there’s a chance to schedule other services too. For instance, why not set up a monthly or weekly cleaning service now to ensure that it stays looking gorgeous straight through winter?

Remember, routine cleaning and keeping the chemicals balanced go a long way in reducing stain causing residues. What causes the plaster to stain? Although there are a number of pool-damaging materials people must watch out for, eukaryotes are top on acid washing companies’ lists. A eukaryote is a fancy term used to categorize a number of aquatic plants that end up in more than just pools.

However, the only one that tends to end up in Frisco landowners’ pools is algae. All it needs to form are spores, unbalanced water, poor circulation, sunlight, the right temperatures and an area to colonize. The spores may enter the water at anytime courtesy of a number of hosts (e.g. swimmers and falling tree debris). And if the other conditions are right, it may success in creating a large colony in days.

Of course, once the colony settles into the pool’s porous surfaces, the more likely stains will appear. So that’s why we said acid washing removes the old stains and routine maintenance keeps new ones from forming. To learn more and beautify your pool before Frisco’s outdoor party ends for the year, please contact us today.