Why You Need An Update On Your Pool’s Health

Large bodies of water may be soothing to the ear and delightful to the eye, but they can harbor all sorts of trouble. This holds as true for your backyard pool as it does for a lake or pond.  You can nip these problems before they begin with your pool’s health report. They can catch a number of things.

Why You Need An Update On Your Pool's Health

Poor Pool Chemistry

It is easy to let the water alkalinity get out of whack. Rain water can dilute your chlorine, evaporation can concentrate it, and time can cause your carefully calibrated pH to change.

When this happens, bacteria and algae can start growing in your pool. This can be gross and dangerous.

In order to add the right amount of chemicals to the pool, you have to monitor how the chemistry changes, and a regular report will help with that.

Incipient Repairs

Probably one of the best reasons to get a full report from your pool service is that the professionals can spot damage before it gets bad. Spalding concrete, small cracks in the surfaces, tears in the filters, and rust on the railings are all problems that should be addressed early.

You can get a handle on them quickly, or at least anticipate the repairs, if you monitor them.

Pattern Recognition

You might sense that you are adding more water to your pool than ever, or that filters are clogging faster than anticipated. You might not, though. It is easy to overlook a change when it is gradual. Regular reports help you recognize the change.

You can discuss this change and what it means for your pool with your pool service provider. Perhaps the provider can diagnose the problem and give a solution.

This is why Aquanomics Pools creates a full report on your pool’s health after every service visit. We mean to keep our customers satisfied and swimming, so contact us when you want a pool cleaning.